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Rosebud Sioux Tribe to Get Involved in $1.6 Million House-Building Project

ROSEBUD---With political assistance from businessman Charles Colombe and Edd Charging Elk, the tribe is going into the housing business, promising more than 200 jobs to tribal members when completed. First, it has to raise $1.6 million for building and equipment; more than $200,000 of that will go for operating expenses, according to the proposal. Rosebud Sioux Community President's Association Inc. (RSCPA), newly chartered, will either borrow the money or obtain it through a bond issue, said proposal. Touted as a "governmental sub-division of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe," the company will operate as a for-profit housing business under the guidance of a board of directors now headed by Rosebud Community President Ken LaDeaux, and sell houses back to the tribe. "This project has received strong support from President Kindle and a majority of the current Tribal Council members," says Charging Elk, who heads Antelope Community, in a news release. Tentative location for the first-ever house factory will be in Rosebud's "industrial site." RSCPA is composed of 20 elected community presidents and indicates help from as yet unidentified firm.

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